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Generici dall'India
Sempre più persone si domandano se le pillole di viagra, viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy e levitra prodotte in India sono sicure.
Cerchiamo di capirci meglio.

Per prima cosa va detto che stiamo parlando di prodotti generici, non di marca; non intendiamo il Viagra della Pfizer o il Cialis della Lilly o il Levitra della Bayer; si tratta di pillole che hanno nomi differenti, ma contengono lo stesso principio attivo.

Va ricordato che in India il Governo permette la produzione di medicinali che contengono un principio attivo coperto da brevetto. Quindi non si tratta assolutamente di farmaci contraffatti, ma di pillole che hanno altri nomi, prodotte da altre case farmaceutiche, ma con lo stesso principio attivo di quelle coperte da brevetto nel resto del mondo.

Possiamo fare anche alcuni nomi per quanto riguarda medicinali generici, come per esempio il Tadacip della CIPLA; ma va ricordato che in termini di sicurezza, quando questi prodotti sono spediti dall’India, vuol dire che il prodotto è valido, anche perché lo stesso governo Indiano rilascia un certificato che abilita queste case farmaceutiche a commercializzare il prodotto. Poi, che questo prodotto venga venduto anche in Europa e negli Stati Uniti, questa è un’altra storia, un altro universo che andremo a esplorare più avanti.

L’importante rimane comunque non acquistare medicinali provenienti dalla Cina: il Viagra dalla Cina è un viagra falso, tarocco; stesso discorso vale per il cialis, il levitra e tanti altri prodotti.

Natural Changes In Men

What are erectile difficulties?

As men age the ability to achieve an erection is affected. An erection will take longer to achieve, and will not be as firm as in youth. Some may find it difficult to achieve an erection at all. The causes of erectile difficulties can be either psychological or physiological, with psychological causes thought to be most prevalent. The anxiety and pressure that a man might face as his body changes, may act as a catalyst for erectile difficulties. Achieving an erection becomes a process of prolonged stimulation and intimacy. It may take more vigorous manual or oral stimulation for men to get firm. Some couples find it helpful to place the flaccid penis inside the vagina as a means of stimulation. Experimenting with different forms of stimulation will increase sexual satisfaction while it helps the male to achieve an erection.

What is impotence?

Impotence is the inability to have an erection. The causes of impotence are most often psychological, although some physical ailments may contribute to erectile failure. (For a more detailed description of the causes of erectile failure, please look in our section on sexual problems.) The prospect of impotence can scare many men away from sexual intimacy, but learning how to cope with you or your partner's decreased potency can be an effective way in restoring his confidence and interest in sex.

Impotence is a condition which will affect virtually every man in his lifetime. It can be embarrassing and discouraging but it is usually temporary. Impotence normally becomes a major problem when the man feels that it is. In other words, when a man puts unnecessary pressure upon himself to perform, he usually becomes more frustrated and less able to perform. If impotence is a problem between you and your partner, there are many techniques which you can try before you go see a doctor or sex therapist.

What can be done about erectile failure?


Undoubtedly the most-hyped drug of the last 5 years, viagra has now been prescribed over 20 million times. If you or your partner has a type of impotence that responds to medical treatment, cialis should be considered. It is an effective treatment and is currently thought to have few side effects. Among healthy men taking the pill, the most common side effects include headache, facial flushing and stomach upset.

Men taking a nitrate (such as nitroglycerin) for chest pain should not be prescibed Viagra. Viagra when taken in combination with nitrates can be a deadly combination.

Consult your physician for more information and to see if this treatment is right for you.

For those not eligible for Viagra, a wide array of alternative treatments exist. With a patient and understanding partner, any male can enjoy sex throughout life.

Relearning How to Stimulate

The stimulation felt by the male decreases during the aging process, therefore it may take more stimulation to create an erection. Oral or manual stimulation of his penis may be required to achieve an erection. Some men find that the only thing that will give them an erection is oral stimulation. Not only the type but the amount of stimulation may have to change as well. Some men will require almost constant stimulation of the penis to achieve an erection. If your partner finds this to be a difficult task, a vibrator could be used to give him/her a rest. A product that can help out is I.D. Pleasure, a high-market lubricant containing L-Arginine. L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid which, through clinical testing, has been shown to enhance sexual arousal in both men and women. When ID Pleasure is applied to the clitoris, vaginal walls or penis for lubrication the L-Arginine will increase the blood flow to the region, heightening sensitivity. Heightened sensitivity, in turn, naturally results in a greater responsiveness to sexual stimulation.

Avoid pulling too aggressively on the penis, as this tends to encourage blood flow toward the body. Squeezing the tip or shaft of the penis too tightly may also reduce turgidity. While oral and manual stimulation are an effective means of attaining erection for most men, it does not work for everyone. Vaginal intercourse is the preferred method of many men. Often what works best for some couples is that the man places his flaccid penis in the woman's vagina. Then she begins to flex the vaginal muscles near the opening which can assist erection.

Reducing Stress

The most important aspect in combating impotence is to ensure that the man is comfortable. The pressure to perform can be the cause of impotence. If the man feels that he is under a lot of stress, he may have difficulty achieving erection. If the man feels relaxed then he will be more easily able to become erect.

Sexual Products

Products have been developed to help men with erectile problems. One such product is a so called "Cock Ring". Available in most sex boutiques and through mail order catalogs, the Cock Ring is an elastic rubber ring that slips over the man's partially erect penis and does not allow blood to leave. This helps to maintain the erection. Often these cock rings have some form of stimulator attached to them so that the person being penetrated gains additional stimulation. A particularly good ring is the Diving Dolphin. This blue jelly ring has two vibrating bullets that allow both partners to enjoy the stimulation during sex. If you prefer something a little more simple and without vibration, you can try the Adjustable Ring, which allows you to control the amount on pressure and fits men of any size.

Another product which you may wish to inquire about is the Prosthetic Penis Attachment (P.P.A.) This is a sleeve which fits over the partially erect penis to allow penetration to continue. They are usually attached with an elastic cord. P.P.A. are carried by many sex boutiques and mail order services.

Protease Inhibitor
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Alpha1 Antitrypsin
is an essential protease
inhibitor in blood plasma. It binds to a wide
range of proteases, such as elastase, trypsin,
chemotrypsin, thrombin, and bacterial proteases.
Its most important physiological effect is
the inhibition of leukocyte elastase, a protease
that breaks down the elastin of the pulmonary
alveolar walls. Deficiency of !1-antitrypsin
leads to increasing destruction of the pulmonary
alveoli, obstructive emphysema of the
lungs, and in newborns, a form of hepatitis.

Musings on Cialis: How it is different from other Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
There are a lot of similarities involved in all of the erectile dysfunction treatment drugs that are on the market today. All are PDE5 inhibitors that increase blood flow to the genital area of a male. If you look past their common functions, you will find that each pill carries with it its own individuality.

Cialis is one of the drugs that are available today that seems to be more successful in men than the other two counterparts. The greatest advantage that cheap cialis has is that it has a much more long lasting effect than Viagra and Levitra. It has been proven that cialis works for a time period up to 36 hours. The great thing is that your sexual escapade will not have to be so planned like it would with the other two drugs. You can take the pill at lunch time and then go home at night and be ready for a little passionate lovemaking.

Some other advantages that Cialis has to offer are as follows:

* You can take Cialis on a full or empty stomach. Food has no effect on the strength of Cialis.
* Because of the popularity of Cialis on a global scale there are boat loads of information on the drug available on the internet. You can even purchase the drug discreetly from the comfort of your own home.

The greatest advantage of Cialis is the cost effectiveness. Cialis tends to be slightly cheaper than Viagra and Levitra and the best part is that it is more effective. Spice up your sex life with a little Cialis.